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Need help going Agile? Our team can help you make the switch and get results fast.

Agile process Consulting Services

We can provide expertise and project management consulting to organizations that want to move to an agile approach or currently struggle with agile and how to make it work for them. We collaborate with clients to help them understand how to use agile and where it can provide the biggest benefits.

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The True Vector Difference

When collaborating with clients we can do the following:

  • Review the agile methodology
  • Review currently used methodologies
  • Review current staff and their capabilities to support an agile culture
  • Create a go forward plan to implement agile, including recommended staffing and organizational changes need to be successful
  • Evaluate and review current agile tools
  • Provide guidance on how to manage epics, user stories and organize the backlog
  • Provide guidance on how to create a product roadmap for future product and staff level planning

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