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We work with clients in a variety of industries to help them improve efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

performance management services

Businesses often measure performance by only looking at revenues and costs. These often times are lagging indicators of performance and don’t speak to the true performance challenges. We offer services that help identify the key measures in an organization that are leading indicators and provide visibility into challenges before they occur.

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The True Vector Difference

The following is the outline of services we provide to help organizations improve performance:

  • Work with business leaders to understand their primary drivers (strategy & goals)
  • Review how each leader measures team performance
  • Identify KPIs that result in a true measurement of performance
  • Identify how you will measure that performance (systems, processes, tools)
  • Develop dashboards to show the KPIs and their progression (month over month, quarter over quarter)
  • Analyze the data to see what is causing a degradation in performance and how to adjust to improve performance
  • Monitor on going progress and adjust KPIs as needed

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