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Today, more than ever, companies need to adjust to the changing business dynamics of the day. This includes the ability to provide educational resources to your clients and employees via online learning (eLearning).


Our team of experienced professionals helps you develop custom courses that meet your specific needs and objectives. We utilize the latest technologies and techniques to create high-quality course content that is interactive and engaging. With True Vector, you can be sure that your eLearning initiatives will be successful and provide a valuable return on investment.

With our services, you can create new courses or refresh existing courses.

What we can provide

  • We offer complete design services that support your brand and create the best eLearning experience for the learner
  • We offer subject matter expertise to help you define the course outline and content
  • We offer instructional design expertise to build engaging storyboards
  • We provide full development services, building your courses utilizing the Articulate360 suite
  • We offer custom development services to support eLearning on mobile devices

Development Services

We leverage the power of the Articulate360 platform to develop the eLearning content and can collaborate with your team to:

  • Build new eLearning courses from the input of your subject matter experts,
  • Convert/refresh existing courses to make then look new or
  • Transform your current training curriculum into a more powerful eLearning experience that can save you time and money.

Our team has over 20 years of combined experience in developing world class eLearning courses for many major companies. These services include:

Instructional design expertise with the experience to help build an eLearning curriculum that will facilitate better knowledge retention,

Graphic design that is clean and conveys the learning topics with the best content layout and design,

Development services to build the eLearning courses with the best interactions that facilitate knowledge retention and engages the learner in the course,

Voice over services that leverage the power of language for learners with accessibility challenges and provides dimension to the course

Video production services when video is needed to better assist the learning is understanding complex topics

Instructional Design Services

Our team of experienced instructional designers can help organizations define their approach to employee and customer training. They can also translate traditional content used for training into a more cohesive online learning curriculum that will improve knowledge retention.

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